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Folkore Festivals

    1. Flowers and Fruits Festival
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangIt is a series of events that take place in May and June when it is the lychee season. The festival helps the transformation of local industries, expands markets, and market agricultural products. It is also a great way to market the high quality agricultural products of Dashu to consumers around Taiwan and increase consumer awareness. The planning and exhibition also focus on highlighting the characteristics of local cultures and industries and cater to tradition and modernity. This helps the promotion of culture and art in Dashu, highlight local features, and development of local industries with competitive advantages.

    2. Great River Ritual
    PIC-The Old House of the Jhuang“Environment Oriented Dashu, Love of the Great River” is the first festival that caters to humanity and ecology in Kaohsiung County. The entire event introduces the historic role of Dashu and seeks to evoke people’s memory and feelings of rivers and lands with the Gaoping River as the leading role and Dashu as the stage.

    3. Memorial Ritual for Martyrs in Wushuiliau
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangThe ritual for martyrs in Wushuiliau, Dashu takes place in the tenth month of the lunar calendar every six years. The entire community is mobilized to prepare for the ritual. In the morning on the first day of the month, local elders and the descendants of the martyrs preside over the water intake ritual as a symbol to guide the souls of the deceased martyrs. In the evening, a grand feast is thrown, to which all the villagers attend and have a great time together.

    4. Fo Guang Shan Monastery Lantern Festival
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangThis is a lantern festival for peace that takes place during the Chinese New Year holidays every year. At the festival, a variety of lanterns, flowers and bonsais turn the entire scene into waves of light and colors.