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Gourment cuisine

    1. Grass Carp Dishes
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangYou will for sure pass the cable-stayed bridge if you take Provincial Roadway #21 after leaving Lingkou Exit of the South Second Freeway. Along the way, there are many grass carp restaurants that are the favorite of gourmets familiar with this area. Their guests include politicians and show business celebrities.
    Sashimi made of grass carp is by no means inferior to seawater fish in the taste. So when you drive along Provincial Roadway #21, do try the wonderful relishes that will for sure satisfy your taste buds.

    2. Herb Dishes
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangApart from the nationally famous pineapple, lychee and grass carp, Dashu is now actively promoting herbs. Several recipes are created with freshly picked lemongrass, chamomile, mint… These include drinks like fresh herbal tea, relaxing mint tea, and slim herbal tea for women who want to remain fit, and dishes like freshly roasted chicken with lemongrass, Hawaiian pork chop rice with rosemary, salmon with capers and white wine. The great herbal aromas that stimulate your sense of smell give food an unforgettable taste.
    The afternoon sunlight sieves through the tree branches. The greens in the whole garden attract people to rid themselves of their urban suits and enjoy the wonderful rural landscapes.

    3. Vegetarian Dishes

    PIC-The Old House of the Jhuang

    The best vegetarian dishes in Dashu are the relishes prepared by the Pilgrim Parlor of Fo Guang Shan Monastery. The appearance of the parlor combines Chinese and Indian styles. In addition to all mod-cons, the parlor has a large restaurant that accommodates a thousand people, two conference halls for groups to have meetings, and over a hundred suites, including group suites that allow the accommodation of several hundreds people.
    Besides accommodation, the most talked about service offered by the parlor is the vegetarian food. The relishes that cater to color, fragrance and taste are unforgettable. In addition to three daily buffets, the parlor offers services like combined dishes, wedding and birthday banquets. When you visit Dashu, don’t forget to take a pilgrim trip to the internationally renowned Fo Guang Shan Monastery and savor the vegetarian relishes of the Pilgrim Parlor.

    4. Thin Rice Noodles
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangDashu is known for its Yuhebao lychee, Golden Diamond pineapple, and soybean paste with pineapple around Taiwan. There is also a local specialty – thin rice noodles. Their chewy texture and great taste make you want more. The thin rice noodles of Dashu have a long history. The greatest difference between Dashu thin rice noodles and Meinong flat rice noodles is thickness. The former is half as thin as the latter. The thin noodles are ideal for making noodle soup, dry noodles, and braised noodles. The noodles are soft and chewy and are not inferior to Meinong flat noodles in taste. Another way of savoring the noodles is to mix them with soy sauce or pineapple paste and rub them into masses for a different taste. When you visit Dashu, don’t forget to try the thin rice noodles, which will definitely leave you with an unforgettable taste!