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Major Attractions

    1. Fo Guang Shan Monastery
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangThe Temple of Fo Guang Shan Monastery was established by Master Hsing Yun, the founding guru, on May 16, 1967 for the cultivation of talented monks. Buddha's Light has, since its founding, been devoted to blend the practices of Buddhism with the world. It is now the largest and an internationally renowned Buddhist sacred spot in Asia and an important tourist attraction in southern Taiwan.

    2. Sanhe Kilns
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangDashu was once the hub of kilns in Taiwan. The number of kilns has reduced from over 130 in its prime to only three in Sanhe Tile Factory. These red tile kilns are rare in Taiwan and the only three that remain in southern Taiwan. They are now ranked as one of the ten major historic buildings in Kaohsiung County.

    3. Gaoping River Cable-Stayed Bridge
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangThe bridge of the Second Freeway extends across the Gaoping River from a location about 500 meters south of the Liling Bridge, part of Provincial Roadway #22. It is a cable-stayed bridge with a total length of 2,617 m and six driving lanes for two directions. On the west side of the bridge is Dashu, Kaohsiung County while Jiuru, Pingtung County lies on the east side. Featuring characteristics of structural dynamics and aesthetics, the completed bridge is a structure of visual landscaping.

    4. Gaoping River Dike
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangDashu river dike is the largest watershed in greater Kaohsiung. A bicycle path has been laid along the 5km long embankment from the north of the dike to the cable-stayed brige. Here, people can watch aquatic birds, river fish, wetlands and plants in natural ecosystems

    5. Gaoping Riverside Park
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangGaoping Riverside Park is located between the Gaoping Bridge on the right bank of the Gaoping River and the flat under the old railway bridge. With the rich and beautiful ecosystems provided by the Gaoping River, one can enjoy natural environments in the vicinity of the park. The park also offers a recreational location for residents in the surrounding urban areas.

    6. Syuanhuashan Temple
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangSyuanhuashan Temple is located on the hillside in Jhongling Village, Dashu, Kaohsiung. It is a magnificent building in the form of the Altar of Heaven.

    7. Hsin Yi Golf
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangWith a vast area and pleasant scenery, the course is an ideal destination for fitness and recreation.
    Tel.: 07-6563211
    Reservation Hotline: 07-6563210
    Fax: 07-6563636
    Address: 1, Hsinyi Road, Jhongling Village, Dashu, Kaohsiung County

    8. Guanyin Mountain Golf Course
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangThe course is located on the border between Dashu and Dashe and has wonderful scenery.
    Tel.: 07-657-8192
    Fax: 07-657-8196
    Address: 140, Sanhe Road, Sanhe Village, Dashu, Koahsiung County

    9.Gushan Warehouse Industrial and Recreational Park
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangLocated on the old Provincial Roadway #21, the Gushan Warehouse has been transformed into “Gushan Warehouse Industrial and Recreational Park”. In addition to the existing warehouse, there are an educational herb and flower farm, an educational farm for the ecology of bees, and an experience zone for paddy processing.
    The park has a caf? for coffee and snacks and a shop selling agricultural products including special processed products of Dashu, such as ice candy with pineapples and the mixture of Gardenia and starch, honey, and herbs. In May when it is the season of Yuhebao lychee, visitors can enjoy the one and only ice candy with Yuhebao and Konnyaku.