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    1. Grass Carp Dishes
    Grass Carp DishesCi-siang Liu, one of the important artists in Taiwan’s art history, studied painting in Paris, France in his early adulthood. He founded “Kaohsiung Society for the Research of Fine Arts” because he found southern Taiwan lacked cultural ambience. He also showed enthusiastic concern about and support to the promotion of art education and common practices of art in Taiwan. Because of his efforts, a fertile land came into existence in the painting circle of southern Taiwan where Liu also became a key figure in the same circle.

    2. Jhao-di Lin, Old Ceramics Master
    Jhao-di Lin, Old Ceramics MasterMr. Jhao-di Lin, an old ceramics master, was born in Shalu, Taichung County, in 1933 and now resides in Jiucyutang (Jiutang Village), Kaohsiung County. He has always been a lover of ceramics since childhood. At 13, he started to learn clay kneading from his father. After nearly five decades, he now has the best traditional hand throwing skill. He is familiar with the processes of making ceramic everyday utensils that range from the smallest water drop to the largest 12 peck water tank and religious objects. He can also tell you every detail about the system, source, and origin of ceramic pieces in Taiwanese agricultural society. Jhao-di Lin Ceramics Studio at 10, Chenghuang Lane, Jiutang Village, Jiucyutang tailor makes a variety of everyday utensils for its customers. These pieces that respectively have their own styles include drum chairs, stoves, wine urns, water tanks, cosmetics jars etc.

    3. Kuen-wu Jheng, Writer
    Kuen-wu Jheng, WriterMr. Jheng, a master of rhythms of words and a refined poet, often discusses and intones poems with fellow fans. He once won first place in the Taiwanese poetry contest for three consecutive years. His talent was appreciated by the Japanese governor of Fongshan County at the time, who was himself a lover of quatrains and regulated verses. On April 1, 1920, Jheng was promoted to serve as the head of Dashu Village (equivalent to the rural township mayor today) and moved to Jioucyutang. Jheng also organized several personal painting exhibitions. His achievements not only earned Taiwanese a distinguished place in the world of literature, but also made his fellow villagers proud.