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Fruit Specialties

    1. Pineapple
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangThe original pineapple variety from Dashu has many thorns on the leaves of stock plants, small fruits that are buried deep among the leaves, thick fibers, but a stronger aroma. Therefore, it gives a unique flavor when processed into cans. In Jiutang Village, there are still remains of a few canned pineapple factories from the Era of Japanese Occupation. Canned pineapple used to be an important export commodity for Kaohsiung. During the Japanese Occupation, Dashu topped the entire island in terms of the growing area of pineapples and the canned food industry and was the largest producer of pineapple cans in the world. The factories are now either disserted or used for other purposes. But their glorious past remains in the memory of the older generation. The pineapple varieties grown in the town include Cayenne and two new varieties TN#4 and TN#6 that are developed to meet the taste of modern people. Dashu remains the empire of pineapples.

    2. Lychee
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangThe original lychee variety in Dashu is the red leaf lychee from China. Now the majority is the commonly seen improved dark leaf lychee and small seed lychee. One can savor the enticing taste in early summer. The exquisite variety Yuhebao is characterized by its tender flesh and the mixture taste of sweetness and sourness. The best time to savor it is early May to early June. Do come to Dashu and try it for yourself.

    3. Herbs
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangDifferent herbs have different compositions, therefore different effects. In general, they can lift spirits, help digestion, maintain gastrointestinal health, calm anxiety, ease emotional strains, beautify skin, and promote sleep.
    Residents in Kaohsiung and Pingtung frequent Yajih European Herb Garden in Dashu on weekends to escape their busy lives and find a corner to relax themselves.

    4. Gourds: Bitter Gourd, Pumpkin, Cucumber
    PIC-The Old House of the JhuangWhen the fall arrives, the busy gourd growing season begins for farmers in Dashu. Statistics shows that gourds are valuable commodities in winter. Farmers who grow them in fall and harvest them in winter are often rewarded with good sales. Gourds are cultivated under a simple net house. The total growing area of 31 acres gathers in Dakeng Vegetables Production and Distribution Center, which mainly produces angled gourd, bitter gourd, and cucumber.