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    Administrative Areas

    Before the official development, the township was a desolate land and human settlements generally existed in Siaopingding and Gupoliao. In the Cing Dynasty, the area was under the governance of FongshanCounty, TainanPrefecture. During the Japanese Occupation, the township belonged to FongshanCounty. In 1920, Japanese turned the area into a village. The original two districts Siaoping and Gupoliao were merged into DashuVillage. 

    After the recovery of Taiwan, the number of villages in Dashu increased from 13 to 18 due to local prosperity and consequent population increase. The 18 villages are as follows and consist of 367 precincts and 12,672 households: Jhuliao, Jioucyu, Jioutang, Shueian, Shueiliao, Jingjiao, Siaoping, Longmu, Dashu, Sianjiao, Singshan, Heshan, Gushan, Sanhe, Dakeng, Sipu, Singtian, and Tongling.